When we first moved to Creston we did not know what we wanted to do. We came from a big city, we were tired of the pace and feeling lost in the shuffle. After some consideration we decided to open up an old fashioned bakery.

 Bill and I have over 50 years experience working in bakeries and decided we would like to work for ourselves.

 We wanted to use some local ingredients and make products from scratch just like you would at home. You won't find preservatives in any of our products and you can taste the difference! 

 We invite you to come in and try some of our delicious baked goods. We also have many hot breakfast and lunch options as well.



 The Golden Flour Bakery is dedicated to providing an exceptional and visually enticing bakery experience. Where walking in feels like a familiar, comfortable, warm embrace, and the aroma of fresh baked sugary goodness fills our customers with memories of good times with family and friends. It will be a place where everyone feels welcome and at home.

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